J&D International also specializes in line that consists of Bags, Wallets, Belts, and Electronic Cases. We offers a full package service for various fabrications as well as our own designs and concepts. Our representatives are dedicated professionals who take charge of everything from the developing of samples to finishing of production.

- Handbags                 - Wallets & Purses               - Various Women's & Men's Bags
- Backpacks                - Various Pouches                - Key Rings & Other Small Leather Goods  
- Belts                        - Electronic Cases


Most of our leather fabrics and materials come from our own factory in China as well as our import fabric vendors and cooperative factories overseas. The fabrics and materials we mainly carry are as following:


-  Premium Full Grain Leather
-  Genuine Leather with unique emboss surface  
-  Low-priced shrunken Leather
-  Patent Split Leather                  
-  Developed Bonded Leather in various color
-  Stingray, Crocodile and other Exotic Skins
-  More than 1,000 emboss molds


-  High Quality Canvas
-  Various Emboss & Print PVC & PU
-  Specially invented 50% Leather & 50% Synthetic Leather materials
-  Nylon
-  Denim


-  Lots of different designs of metal fitting as well as custom made metals
-  YKK Zipper


With our own factories in China, along with our knowledge and experience, we are able to offer our clients with better pricing and quality control. We have an outstanding staff that takes responsibility of each style into their own hands and develops styles from sampling, approvals, and production. In our system, we have professionals that overlook each part of the process so that the end product is of the finest quality. Besides supplying our customers with the desired products, we also source and suggest various options.